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Our Reputation In Finding A Literary Agent

While a new book writer may go around in circles, looking to make the next right move, we know it all. For years, we have comprehended firmly what it takes to approach writing a book that takes off.

Unmatched Grasp On The Industry Norms

We know the right tactics and we have enough strings to pull, to ensure a smooth progression of your book.

Attention To Detail & Dedication

Your success is the most important thing to Ghostwriting Mania. Therefore, our experts devote their time and energy to make it possible.

Variety Of Versatile Services

The variety of services that we present is unparalleled. From the smallest requirement of writing a letter to whole novels or series of books, we cover vast aspects related to book writing.

We understand that while all those are important, it is important to get over the line after you are done writing. Our literary agents have a variety of services at your disposal. We make sure that you face no troubles during publishing or reviewing your work. Therefore, our guarantee of publishing remains the same as we move forward.

Why Do You Need A Literary Agent?

The whole process of writing a book can be a hassle. Without proper guidance and dedication, many writers with great ideas stop midway through. While motivation and the will to go on are separate things, a literary agent can keep you in line and ensure that you achieve your goals easily. Therefore, if you are worried about your process and keeping track of it, then a literary agent is the answer for you. Moreover, most publishing services would require a referral or recommendation from an accomplished literary agent. Therefore, the primary goal of hiring an agent is to ensure that you finish a compelling book and get it published without any hassle.

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We Make It Easy To Find An Agent For You

One of the common problems that writers face is finding the right literary agent for them. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry about that as we have paired hundreds of clients with dependable agents for years. We know just the right approach towards finding a suitable agent for books and writers of all kinds. Therefore, our coordination skills allow us to connect our clients with the most skilled agents of the industry. We ensure that you will be paired with a suitable agent that will cater to your requirements accordingly.

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Ghostwriting Mania Guarantees Results

Your success is essential to us. That is why our experts dedicate their time and devote their effort towards your goals. We make sure you get all the necessary tools to inch closer to your goals. Whether you need to finish a book, or need assistance with starting one, we provide you with it all. Nevertheless, one of our priorities for our clients is to make sure they get in touch with the right people. Whether they are publishers or literary agents, we put our minds to it and make sure you are paired with the right type of agent or publisher for you. Now, all you have to do is get in touch with us and let our representative know what you require. We promise to get on your case as soon as possible.

We Provide All-Round Services

Ghostwriting Mania understands the kinds of hassles that writers have to face. With the art of writing rising again, the competition is fierce and new writers are going through many troubles. Our job is to make sure these problems are solved and troubles are eased for our clients. That is why we are a one-stop-shop for writers who are looking for a variety of services. From consultancy on your story to writing the first page until the day you sell your first copy, we guide you through each step and make sure that you get the right advice.

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