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Affable Book Editing & Formatting Services

Our book editing services are comprised of a variety of vital services. Including correction of grammar, fixing of any errors or diction, and alteration of the format or structure of the book.

Thorough Proof-Reading Services

Experts of Ghostwriting Mania have a knack for finding mishaps and errors. You can rest assured that no spelling or structure errors will skip their eye.

All-embracing Assistance

We make sure all our editing and formatting services are driven by the requirement of your writing. Our experts will be more than happy to guide you through it.

Guaranteed Book Publishing

Our services come with a prominent guarantee of publishing. We do not rest until your book is printed and published.

Primary Offerings Of Ghostwriting Mania Editors

We understand the necessity of editing and alterations of a book. From structural errors to grammatical mishaps, even the smallest problem can lead to halting the whole writing and publishing process. That is why Ghostwriting Mania editors put their expertise at display and make sure your books are well-formatted. Moreover, our proof-readers thoroughly read throughout your book, tending to any grammatical errors and structural mistakes. However, our services are not limited to proofreading for the sake of finding spelling mistakes only. We make sure the flow of your book thorough and the content is easily readable. Allowing your book to stand out in fierce competition, making it preferable for an average book-reader.

The Variety Of Services That We Present

Ghostwriting Mania believes in tending to every requirement of a book writer. That is why over the years we have put extensive attention to details towards our editing services. In order to help you understand, these are some of the primary features of our services:

  • Compulsory editing, including fixing typos, correcting grammar, and inserting punctuations
  • Extensive proofreading, to fix diction errors, as well as structure and format
  • Consulting the clients regarding story and review of the final draft
  • Creative editing to enhance the nature & flow of content
  • Assistance with publishing: for self-publishing and through major platforms

All of these services might be included in a package if the client wishes so. However, we make sure the clients are equipped with enough means to any challenge regarding editing or formatting.

Editing Samples

If you wish to look at some of the primary offers that Ghostwriting Mania presents, then here are some examples for you:

Reasons To Hire An Editor

You might be a prolific writer and you might have a long resume. Nevertheless, even the most qualified and accomplished writers are vulnerable to small or minor mistakes now and then. That is why; professionals always like a second opinion and need their work double-checked. In result, their work does not only stand out, but it also appears professional. Because accepting the fact that you might make mistakes is one of the steps towards greatness.

Therefore, the primary reason behind hiring professional editors is to ensure that your work has no downsides to it. You might spend nights staying awake and days thinking about your next move in your plot or story. Nevertheless, if your story features minor grammatical errors or major structural problems, then not only is all of that hard work going down the drain, the lost effort might dishearten you. In order to prevent that, it is imperative that you get a second opinion. That is why Ghostwriting Mania has offered editing services to hundreds of clients around the globe. We point out mistakes that would go unnoticed easily. While “mistakes” are not always the case, as even the smallest grammatical errors can take away the aura from a story or writing in any form. Therefore, you need a team of professional editors who have been through hundreds of such cases and have helped as many clients settle their problems.

Why Should You Choose Ghostwriting Mania Editors?

While the final say is yours, we urge you to make the right choice. What makes us claim that our editors are the best bet for you? Simply the fact that we have catered to hundreds of clients and we understand the smallest intricacies of editing and formatting. Therefore, once you hire us, you can rest easy because we guarantee premium services.

Our Promise Of Optimal Services

We have a priority of making sure that clients get the services that they deserve. We ensure that by going the extra mile and providing all-round services to our clients. Our ready-to-comply editors are always working to make the work of our clients better. Moreover, it is our understanding of the craft that allows us to deliver all-round and unmatched services.

Complete Client Compliance

The triple C aka complete client compliance is the strategy that we follow. We do not take one step without the approval or satisfaction of our clients. In order to achieve that, we firmly believe in the client’s collaboration with our talented staff. To do that, we make sure we keep our clients in the loop, as our representative are constantly in touch through emails or direct phone calls.

A Satisfied Clientele Is Our Testimony

In case of any lingering doubts in your mind, just take a glance at the number of satisfied clients that Ghostwriting Mania has. Over the years, we have provided premium services with a promise of unparalleled services. Not just that, we have done so at unmatched prices, providing cost-effective solutions. Therefore, if you are still on the edge about us, then our satisfied clientele might tell you a thing or two about our promise. We have catered the best in class services to them and it is apparent through their satisfactory levels.

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