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Quality Self-Publishing Services

Our Experts Make It Easy For You

Do you want your wonderful story to reach its target market? Our experts will help you explore your options and guide you throughout the process.

A Variety Of Options

We cater to clients of all sorts. Therefore, we provide you with a variety of options to select from and make the most of them.

Guaranteed Timely Publication

We do not make promises lightly so our experts make sure your books are published in the time frame that we promise.

Thorough Assistance & Certain Results

We understand that one of the main concerns of writers is publishing of their work. How will their target audience see what they have in store for them? While some of them have the budget to afford major publications, most of the writers these days rely on self-publishing services. We do not only help you select the best options but we also thoroughly plan out the whole process with you. As soon as a client requests assistance, our experts put their heads together and come up with a strategy. This does not only help our clients get over the line easily, it makes the process a lot simpler. While many would argue that self-publishing cost may go over the top, such is not the case as it is the best option for beginners in book writing. Some of our leading offers are:

  • Thorough guidance, writing and publishing
  • Proofreading and review
  • Discovering the best options for you
  • Working on a budget
  • Fixing any errors regarding format or structure
  • Consultancy throughout publishing and marketing
  • Copyright and name acquisition

None of the above-mentioned services that we offer can be over-looked, as for some all of them can be useful. While others may only need a few of them. We understand that writers with compelling stories may not always have a big budget in store. Therefore, we make sure our services cater to clients of all types and writers with all sorts of budgets.

Promised Results From The Get-Go

If a client is beginning to write their book and is concerned about the publishing, then we make sure the whole process is devised accordingly. While our top priority is that none of these concerns harms the creative spark in our clients, we make sure that the progress goes accordingly. Therefore, we plan ahead of time and make a promise that we have full-filled for each of our clients so far. We guarantee that publishing will be done in time as soon as the writer is finished writing the book. If the idea or story owner avails our ghostwriting services, then we prepare the review and self-publishing options ahead of time. It does not only give the client an edge on this concerning matter, but it also helps them overcome it easily.

Keeping Our Clients In The Loop

One of the driving forces of our success is a thorough collaboration with our clients. Whether its ghostwriting, review or self-publishing, Ghostwriting Mania makes sure that the clients are in the loop at all times. Therefore, we ensure that you are in the know of everything as it happens. Our systems include email notifications and direct contact with our representatives. Not only does it help the client stay at ease while the book is in publication, but it also helps us create lasting relationships with our clientele.

Various Other Services That We Offer

While the book is in publications, clients are usually exploring their options regarding book covers and marketing. Luckily for you, we have done this for years and at each step, we understand what will follow. Consequently, we make sure your book cover is ready and your marketing strategy is intact as your book comes fresh out of publication. These services are usually offered within the packages that we provide to our clients. Therefore, you do not have to worry about any of this as we make sure you make the most of our services.

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